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LUCKY 4  DRAW : 06 - 09 - 13 - 17     Drawn:  08 March 2012    

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No Winner
    Next Weeks Draw: £8,195

The maximum prize money is capped at £25,000 as required by the Gambling Commissions act 2005. Any monies over £25,000 will be added to the next new jackpot. 




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telecharger avi film lamour dure trois ans The village of Hafodyrynys is nestled in Cwm Llwynau by the A472 in Gwent and there has been a rugby team here for many years. Our search has only been able to go back as far as 1920; where we have hard evidence of that in an article from the The Argus of a match against Panteg. However we are not too sure if the ground we currently use was there in that period. Rumour has it that the playing field was formed during the Great Depression just after the First World War and we do know that the ground was put in trust in 1925 as a recreational or pleasure ground for the good of the people of Hafodyrynys and the surrounding areas. As is the case all through the South Wales valleys it was the coal industry that brought wealth to the areas and was responsible for many of the buildings and facilities we see today, from Miners Institutes to Recreational Grounds. The oldest building on the site is The Pavilion which formed the first changing rooms for the club; but this building was put to many others uses by the local community of the time. Once again actual dates have so far escaped our searches but we intend to continue. The clubhouse as we know it today has grown and developed over the years and has seen many changes, improvements and facelifts. The club has supported rugby, soccer, cricket and tennis over the years but sadly as interests and support wains we have seen many of these disappear... not so the current rugby team which is now doing very well having just been promoted to the SWALEC Division 5 East League.


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This web site was first launched in September 2009 and this is our first re-vamp of the site for the new 2011-12 season. We hope you like it and your experience is an enjoyable one. We are still learning and hope you will be patient as we look to expand areas of interests like club history, picture galleries, player profiles, articles, etc. Why not sent me any old pictures, stories or articles you think will be of interest and do our best to get it loaded as soon as possible.                      (Send Info)
New Challenge
The new 2011-2012 season sees Hafodyrynys enter new territory by playing in SWALEC Division 5 East. Both players and team management are committed to making this a success by continuing to develop playing standards, maximise skill levels and improve players natural ability. The club management has made great strides in improving both the playing facilities at the ground while keeping focused on the players' welfare.
The new fixtures for this season sees Hafod challenging many of its neighbours including Trinant, Crumlin and Llanhilleth. It doesn't seem that long ago, before the introduction of leagues when Hafod would not have been able to challenge these local teams.
Division 6 South East Winners for 2 Years

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Never Forget Your Welsh
Hafodyrynys... what's that name all about?
Well it's Welsh if you've not guessed it.
Hafod means summer dwelling place / farm...
Ynys means

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an island
or river meadow...
Yr simply means the...
So the name Hafodyrynys can translate into...
The Island Summer Dwelling or
The River Meadow Summer Farm or

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other similar combinations.
  Croeso i ymwelwyr...    Welcome to visitors
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Launched: August 2011
Content © Hafodyrynys RFC 2011 Setab Design Services


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